Building No. 2 Interior

Jordan River National Fish Hatchery

This past weekend my boyfriend and I took a vacation to the upper northwest corner of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. We had beautiful weather and most of our time was spent doing some off roading in the Jeep. During one of these excursions we came across a sign that read Jordan River National Fish Hatchery. I literally jumped in my seat and shrieked “Holy #!&@ Pull Over!!”.

What we found was totally awesome and I took a lot of pictures…

I also shot some video (not the best quality- sorry) in Building No. 1 of the fish in one raceway retreating en masse as my boyfriend paced around behind me. Its a pretty awesome sight.

All in all it was a pretty crazy awesome experience, especially since we had had no idea that it was there- surprises like this are always great! Also, it appears that there are similar hatcheries all across the country, and all are (to some extent) open to the public. I would encourage you all to see if there is one near you and take the time to visit, it is a really cool experience.

For more info:

Jordan River Fish Hatchery Home Page

US FWS Fisheries & Habitat Conservation Home

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