Upper Aquarium - 09.14.13

30 gallon Duo

Upper Aquarium - 09.14.13Upper Aquarium
Stock List:

  • 2 Corydorus pygmaeus
  • ~8-12 Boraras maculata
  • 4 Danio erythromicron
  • 1 Sundadanio axelrodi
  • 1 Stiphodon sp. goby
  • 1 Otocinclus
  • 1 Puntius titteya
  • Neocaridina heteropoda var. red

As of today I have 6 more Corydorous pygmaeus in qt to round out my number, am also looking to pick up more Sundadanios – that one little guy I happened to find by himself at the LFS.

Plants include: a mess of crypts – C. parva, C. wenditii, C. lutea, C. spiralis, C. balansae, C. pontederifolio, C. petchii (I went collector crazy for a bit about a year ago), Nymphaea sp, Amazon sword (couple varieties, don’t remember which), Anubias barteri, Anubias afzelli, Anubias nana… also random mosses, liverworts and other stuff that’s just kind of hanging out.

Lower Aquarium - 09.14.13Lower Aquarium

Stock List:

  • 1 female Polypterus senegalus
  • 2 Pterophyllum scalare, Blue variety

Plants include: java fern, Christmas moss, and Bolbitis on driftwood.


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