Blue Angel

Blue Angelfish

I’ve been having quite a bit of difficulty with these guys lately – about 2 and half weeks ago I noticed that they weren’t really interested in eating, which seemed odd compared to past experience I’ve had with the species. I also noticed that they often had stringy white poo hanging out their rears from time to time. Since I acquired them fairly recently I suppose this is something they picked up somewhere at the LFS.

Fortunately, a GLA forum member came to the rescue with some advice on how to handle this and, finally, after two full treatments with General Cure and regular feeding of frozen bloodworms soaked in Focus and Metronidazole, I think I can safely say that they are (probably) 100% over their parasites or whatever it is they had.

Anyway, they’re finally acting like pigs and their bellies are plumping up nicely. I am sooooo relieved. The only problem now is that one of them didn’t get over his issues as quickly and didn’t start eating as soon so he’s a little smaller as a result. Hopefully now that they are fattening themselves up on live tubifex worms he’ll catch up soon.

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