End of the Year Update

Blue Angelfish

I’ve been having quite a bit of difficulty with these guys lately – about 2 and half weeks ago I noticed that they weren’t really interested in eating, which seemed odd compared to past experience I’ve had with the species. I also noticed that they often had stringy white poo hanging out their rears from time to time. Since I acquired them fairly recently I suppose this is something they picked up somewhere at the LFS. Continue reading Blue Angelfish

Anubias Maintenance

I had some major crypt melt this past weekend after switching up my fert routine so I decided it was a good time to pull the driftwood out of my upper 30gal and do some maintenance on it that was long overdue. Basically I wanted to get all the Anubias barteri out because I felt it was overcrowding a lot of the other plants and seemed too big in scale. Continue reading Anubias Maintenance